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Tell them the truth

I have been talking to children in my local primary schools and high schools and motivating them towards a right direction. I was so surprised to hear grade 6 learners questions like “what should we do if we are turned on” this kids are lacking information as they are scared to talk or ask theirContinue reading “Tell them the truth”

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Children needs sexual information from at the age of 8years old

I’m am a speaker for children of my local primary schools so, I’ve realised that this kids has information but they are scared to talk to right people like parents and teachers and free to talk about sexual life. They are so curious and they have been asking me questions like “what should we do if our penis are turned on?”,”do girls also have feelings?”so if we start educating kids about only right things and not wrong things it will continue to more bad,teenage pregnancy will be high HIV will spread so badly.

So I have been suggesting that sex education will save the world if we starting it at an early age.

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